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EOYS 2023

MetaMorphers: Agents of Transformation

As civilization evolves, we face new and unforeseen challenges that are local and global, discrete and interconnected, artificial and organic –  the need for mindful transformation is now greater than ever.

Designers are Metamorphers: agents of transformation. We drive to shift things into the future, bring creations to life, shape actions and attitudes, harness the power of the collective and make sense from the abstract.

In this exhibition, you can observe our intent to transform ecosystems and entities from the way they were before, into something new, more impactful, more sensible and more positive – through the forces of time, creation, causation, unity and structure.

In a world obsessed with certainty, future leaders will differentiate themselves with their ability to visualize uncertain futures, prototype potential trajectories, and implement forward momentum. At ID, our students are trained with the tools, methods, and frameworks to do these at scale. The 2023 End of the Year Show is designed to give you a glimpse into what it feels like to be in the middle of such transformations.
—Anijo Mathew, Dean, Institute of Design

Past → Future

Strive to push things forward, from the way they were before, to the way they could be. Critically evaluate legacy systems that influence our everyday actions, and transform them to improve our well-being.


Imagination → Reality

Bring life to something that doesn’t yet exist by transforming the imagined into the real. Challenge the notion of what’s possible through cycles of ideation and prototyping.


Environment → Action

Modify the invisible forces that shape our individual and collective behaviors, whose impact reverberates horizontally across spaces and vertically across time. Utilize the power of systems thinking to make lasting and meaningful impact in a complex world.


Individual → Collective

Harness the power of many by creating inclusive environments and leveraging their collective potential. Generate shared visions and actions through tools of communication and empowerment.


Chaos → Order

Mold the abstract to reveal the concrete and make sense from the senseless. Discover music within the noise, reveal beautiful shapes within chaos and find meaning within a sea of confusion.