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The Future of Work with Teddy Zmrhal, Laura Forlano, + Emmanuella Ben-Eboh

October 11, 2021
6:00-7:00pm CST
Join a practical and critical discussion of the future of work, including implications of the Great Resignation and remote work policies.

Teddy Zmrhal, Global Vice President, Design and Innovation at Salesforce, talks with ID associate professor Laura Forlano and student Emmanuella Ben-Eboh (MDes + MBA 2022) about the future of work, including implications of the Great Resignation and today’s remote affordances and requirements.

Join a Zoom conversation of interest to all working people and of particular interest to design students, job seekers, and design practitioners as our three speakers explore navigating the changing workplace at a time when organizations everywhere are updating and reframing their policies.

Teddy Zmrhal is a human-centered serial entrepreneur/intrapreneur, advisor/investor, and learning designer. Over the course of his career, he has co-founded and built a number of companies and nonprofit boards, helped build or rebuild organizations inside IDEO and Salesforce, and advised and invested in multiple startups. Teddy has taught and mentored budding entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators at various academic institutions and startup accelerators in his home in the Bay Area, his hometown of Chicago, and his home away from home in Singapore.

Laura Forlano is director of the Critical Futures Lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on the future of work and the intersection of design and emerging technologies. Laura’s expertise in futuring equips ID students with tools for intelligent decision making—for both professional design projects and for their own careers.

Emmanuella Ben-Eboh has a bachelor’s degree in industrial and product design from UIC and is currently a student in the MDes + MBA dual-degree program at ID. She believes in the power of design to create systems, shape worlds, and rebuild economies. Through her design education, she has seen how minuscule ideas translate into the vast realities of how we live and go through life.

As our relationships with technologies continue to evolve, Laura, Emmanuella, and the rest of the ID community use design to identify possibilities, surface unintended consequences, and ethically produce products, platforms, and policies that work with, for, and among humans.

This talk is part of ID's careerID Confab, a place where practitioners and students come together to discuss current and future roles for designers.

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