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Laura Forlano

Professor, Northeastern University

Laura Forlano, a Fulbright award-winning and National Science Foundation-funded scholar, is a writer, social scientist, design researcher, and adjunct faculty member at the Institute of Design. Laura’s research is focused on aesthetics and politics at the intersection of design and emerging technologies. Over the past ten years, she has studied the materialities and futures of socio-technical systems, such as autonomous vehicles and smart cities; 3D printing, local manufacturing, and innovation ecosystems; automation, distributed labor practices, and the future of work; and computational fashion, smart textiles, and wearable medical technologies.

Laura received a bachelor of arts degree in Asian Studies from Skidmore College and a master of international affairs degree from Columbia University. She also received a PhD in communications from Columbia University.

Activities at ID

Laura has developed and taught courses at ID including Designing Futures and Principles and Methods of User Research as well as teaching in the PhD program in Design. Among her fellowships, in Spring 2020, she is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) at Durham University (UK), working on a project called “Material Imagination.” In 2018–19, Laura was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Digital Life Initiative at Cornell Tech and a Faculty Associate at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

As Director of the Critical Futures Lab (2014–2023), Laura brings together creative thinking and critical making by using prototypes, experiments, and explorations to engage with complex socio-technical questions about the nature of living with emerging technologies. These varied and multidisciplinary activities—informed by science and technology studies, media studies and communications—intend to bring together diverse viewpoints to raise vital questions and alternative possible futures. In particular, the Lab is concerned with the ways in which the digital is materialized, contextualized, and embodied across a variety of scales, from city infrastructures to the built environment, and from interactive objects to digital bodies.

Speaking and Publishing

Laura has edited three books: Bauhaus Futures (MIT Press 2019), digitalSTS (Princeton University Press 2019) and From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen (MIT Press 2011). Her work has appeared in many peer-reviewed journals, including the International Journal of Communication, Catalyst, Design Issues, Journal of Peer Production, The Fibreculture Journal, Digital Culture & Society, Journal of Urban Technology, and The Journal of Community Informatics, among others.

Recent Work


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