Jody Campbell is an interaction designer and strategist with extensive experience leading creative teams through complex, systemic design challenges. Since 2017, she has served as an Adjunct Faculty instructor at IIT Institute of Design (ID) for the foundation class Introduction to Visual Communication. At ID, she demonstrates how to apply design principles and techniques to craft effective visual messages that consider context, message, and receiver.

Jody sees every problem as an opportunity for impact made possible by boundless imagination; imagining better futures requires “design doing,” not just thinking—pairing hands-on research with empathic design methodologies to develop ideas that are both human-centered and forward-looking. Her background in communication design and experience as a design educator strongly influence her “show-don’t-tell,” hands-on approach to both design leadership and client engagement. She received a bachelor of fine arts degree in communication design from Carnegie Mellon University.

Industry Experience

In addition to her work at ID, Jody is Executive Creative Director at Magic+Might, an interactive product design and innovative consultancy in Chicago. There, she oversees the work of the design team and business operations including business development, project planning, hiring, career development, and external communications. After joining Magic+Might in 2012, she led a two-year engagement with Ford Motor Company to develop robust research methodologies and standards for the redesign of more than 800 vehicle symbols. More recently, she oversaw the team’s research and creative efforts in developing a new design language for a future in-vehicle infotainment system. Before joining Magic+Might, Jody served as Creative Director for VSA Partners, Inc., from 2010 to 2012.