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Introduction to Visual Communication

Introduction to Visual Communication

Covers fundamentals for conveying visual information in effective and clear ways.

Objective & Outcomes

This course provides the fundamentals for conveying visual information in a way that is effective and clear. Through a deep understanding of structure and context of content, students will learn to apply visual elements, techniques, and principles crafting effective visual messages.

Upon completing this course, students will be able to apply techniques covered to craft effective visual messages.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Introduction & Typography 101
  • Session 2: Arrangement
  • Session 3: Contrast
  • Session 4: Contrast, Cont.
  • Session 5: Imagery
  • Session 6: Introduction to Information Types
  • Session 7: Comparisons/Abstract
  • Session 8: Call Outs
  • Session 9: Comparisons/Physical
  • Session 10: Process
  • Session 11: Process, Cont.
  • Session 12: Context of Use
  • Session 13: Context of Use, Cont.
  • Session 14: Final