My passion is to improve technology. I work to ensure organizations are set up to maximize empathy for their customers. This translates consumer pain points and opportunities into well-designed solutions.

I help bring stakeholders across the organization together, working to democratize data so we can all focus on the core problem. This makes the best solutions for our customers.

I work to increase the cross-pollination of ideas between user experience and data science. Taking data science courses helps me have more relevant and useful conversations with data scientists, allowing me to build partnerships that ensure systems remain user-centric.

I’m a believer in giving back to society, focusing on underprivileged youths. I have served as a Big Brother mentor and have chaired the associate board of Citizen Schools of Illinois. Currently, I am focusing on design education by serving as a mentor for Northwestern Segal Design Institute students. Additionally, I run a MeetUp for user & design researchers.