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Ohare airport

A World With No Lost Bags

Blue Lotus Logo

Blue Lotus App Pursues Menstrual Equity

Memiro cyanotype gingko image

Memiro Project Explores Uses for Self-Tracked Data

Student experimenting with Osmo device

Confronting the Problem of Overzealous Phone Notifications


Improving Healthcare Outcomes in Africa with At-Home Technology

A Data visualization of total COVID death in the U.S. from the beginning till now.

Demonstrating the Human Toll of COVID

Airplane in sky

ID Students Win 2022 Rotman Design Challenge

Dog modeling Pooch product

An Apple Watch for Dogs?

A New Model for Hybrid Life

Skyline and highway

What Your Semi-Autonomous Driving Experience Might Look Like

Food items

Transforming Chicago’s Food Ecosystem for Everyone’s Benefit

Inclusion Diagnostic Floor Plan Tool

Return to a More Inclusive Workplace

The CareBand wearable with application

Destigmatizing Dementia with Design

The First Step to an Ideal Food Future is “In-Between”

100 Great Designs of Modern Times, 2020

Facing Chicago’s Asthma Epidemic

Designing Futures: Biodesign Challenge

VitaVue Platform Exploration