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A Designer’s Metacognition of AI through the Lense of MaaS Ecosystem

By Shradda Jain

May 10, 2024

This image captures my personal journey and evolving feelings as a designer working with generative AI tools. It visually represents the complexities I’ve encountered while navigating various AI technologies, and the critical insights I’ve gained about the biases inherent within these systems.

The intertwining of robotic arms and human hands, connected by red lines, symbolizes the deep and intricate data interactions that underpin AI tools. This portrayal highlights the crucial need for designers like myself to fully understand these interactions to utilize AI effectively and responsibly. Gaining this knowledge is essential not only for optimizing the tools to suit our creative needs, but also to ensure our usage is transparent and adheres to ethical standards.

Project Details

  • Class: Communication Systems Studio
  • Instructor: Tomoko Ichikawa

Shraddha Jain

MDes 2024