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A Systems Overview of Venezuelan Migrant Path to Legal Employment in Chicago

By Bhavani Shivaram Prasad | Sai Allena | Mary Morgan | Daniela Vélez

May 10, 2024

Strategic systems intervention for migrant workforce integration

This project explores the complex systems involved in the employment pathways for Venezuelan migrants in Chicago. It examines the socio-economic challenges faced by these migrants, understanding intricate legal frameworks, and confronts cultural, competency and language barriers.

By mapping the interactions among various stakeholders including employers, local and national governments, established migrants, new migrants, and community members, the project identifies potential leverage points. These insights aim to foster cross-sector collaboration, enhance resource networks, and facilitate more equitable access to employment for migrants. The system overview highlights the power dynamics and opportunities for impactful interventions in supporting migrant integration into the workforce.

Project Details

  • Class: Introduction to Systems Theory
  • Instructor: Weslynne Ashton