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Addressing Our Accelerating E-Waste through Civic Engagement

By Mrinal Bhatia | Shraddha Jain | Snehal Khatavkar | William Rutter

May 10, 2024

Our project is dedicated to fostering civic engagement through community-based initiatives. In this, we focused on the management of electronic waste (e-waste), the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. Our research identified key behavioral challenges faced by individuals during e-waste disposal. @ In the U.S., the primary dilemma is choosing between landfill disposal and retention—the latter influenced by motivations to repair, repurpose, or reuse. This retention poses significant barriers to responsible disposal practices. Our service aims to address these challenges, providing a platform that not only facilitates, but also encourages proper e-waste management through innovative and community-driven solutions.

Project Details

  • Class: Service Systems Workshop
  • Instructor: Mark Jones
  • Project Partner: Accenture Song