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Building Tracks Towards Trust at Subway

By Vanessa Chang

May 10, 2024

Assessing customer trends and key food attributes to identify gaps for Subway improvement

Influenced by a company’s actions, words, and how effectively they convey knowledge, people are drawn to brands they trust. Customers specifically gravitate toward brands that provide health-benefits for their food products. While preferences vary widely across demographic groups, the prevailing trend toward healthy eating has grown too significant to ignore. Historically, Subway has catered to customers who value convenience, but the increasing demand for nutritious options suggests a strategic pivot is essential to meet these evolving consumer needs.

Note: This project consists of speculative work used for educational purposes only. This project is not affiliated with Subway.

Project Details

  • Class: Strategic Communication
  • Instructor: Ruth Schmidt

Han Wen Chang

MDes + MBA 2024