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Capital One Travel Innovation Strategy

By Samantha Chandra | Michael George | Bhairavi Ruparel

May 10, 2024

Imagining the future of ESG-informed travel

In considering a 10-year innovation strategy for Capital One Travel, we focused on ESG and its impacts on the future of travel. Using future casting and backcasting, we imagined a paradigm shift where people value sustainability and ethics data just as much as financial data. As a data management and technology-focused company, Capital One is well-positioned to expand its customer base in support of this shift. Our team developed an ecosystem that supports ESG data management, including an updated customer portal, personalized ESG reports, and emissions tracking for verified green trips.

Note: This project consists of speculative work used for educational purposes only. This project is not affiliated with Capital One.

Project Details

  • Class: Building and Understanding Context
  • Instructor: Maura Shea