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Creating Bean-ingful Experiences

By Avani Chaturvedi | Aabha A. Kale | Anish Patil | Dennis Siegert | Yanshu Zhou

May 10, 2024

Understanding university students' perceptions of beans and vegetables to promote more environmentally-friendly eating habits.

By analyzing behaviors with methodologies like COM-B, user journeys, and prioritization matrices, we gained insights into students’ meal choices.

We studied students’ perceptions of food through desk research, primary sources, and direct observations in university cafeterias. Then, we ideated with stakeholders, prioritized the impact and duration of strategies, and designed communication pieces and recommendations to encourage the choice of bean-based and vegetable meals over meat in universities.

View the full presentation here.

Project Details

  • Class: Behavioral Design Workshop
  • Instructor: Ruth Schmidt
  • Project Partner: Food for Climate League