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Design for Growth: Rural Livelihoods through Scaled Design Capability

By Asawer Ahyad | Avani Chaturvedi

May 10, 2024

How might local communities get agency and power over the developments they want?

How can design capacity be leveraged to enhance collaboration across communities and institutions? Leap Design has pioneered a systemic model as part of the Collaborative Local Governance project in India to strengthen local institutions’ ability to meet shared goals. By analyzing the dynamics between various governing bodies and stakeholders, Leap Design’s initiative offers a scalable blueprint to bolster local institutional growth and cultivate a robust network of change enablers. This model is pivotal because it provides a structured framework that local bodies can customize to boost operational efficiency and reach, thereby driving systemic transformation and fostering sustainable development in rural India.

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Project Details

  • Class: Organizational Models of Innovation
  • Instructor: Carlos Teixeira | Deaa Bataineh
  • Project Partner: Leap