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Digital Media: CuttingSense Tatsujin

By Kazufumi Mizunuma

May 10, 2024

Slice with confidence: Real-time feedback for interactive design

As a knife-handling electronic innovation, this finely crafted 3D-printed knife attachment provides real-time feedback. Using sound, facial expressions of an on-screen character, and vibrations, it effectively guides users on the correct slicing angle and rhythmic cutting skills. Harmonious music rewards precise technique, infusing engaging gamification elements into the cooking process. This project merges technology with food preparation, fostering skillful cutting through precise feedback and interactive engagement. This product invites users on a cooking journey where precision meets playfulness and enhances cooking skills to ensure every meal preparation is an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Project Details

  • Class: Digital Media
  • Instructor: Paolo Tanedo

Kazu Mizunuma

MDes 2024