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By Amina Awad | Ran Konaka | Suijth Samuel

May 10, 2024

Communicating consumer mindset and organizational strategy

Aquamox’s aqueous ozone technology presents a revolutionary, eco-friendly disinfecting solution, especially for campers lacking sanitation facilities. Traditional methods like bottled water and chemical sanitizers are costly and environmentally harmful.

Our research indicates a dire need for sustainable sanitation in camping and its potential application to disaster-affected areas and under-resourced communities. By creating a dual-purpose sanitizer and water purifier solution compatible with existing containers, we can ensure safe food and water consumption. This innovation promises to reduce illness and provide equitable sanitation access, aligning with our sustainability ethos and expanding our impact to underserved communities.

Project Details

  • Class: Product Design Workshop
  • Instructor: Martin Thaler
  • Project Partner: Aquamox, Inc.