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Enhancing Family Vacation Experiences

By Ruhi Dholakia | Sanjana Kripalani | Shirin Navgire | Terah Delancy

May 10, 2024

Facilitating ideation for tot-friendly homes through a remote workshop

Starting with a remote workshop, our project successfully sparked innovation and drove business growth through new ideas. The collaborative online session brought together parents to brainstorm and refine concepts that align with “Tot-Friendly Homes” as a mission to enhance family-friendly living. Utilizing digital tools like Mural, participants developed and shared ideas on interactive boards, fostering a dynamic exchange of perspectives. Key outcomes included a selection of promising ideas geared towards making homes more child-friendly and supportive for young families, setting a practical roadmap for future development and implementation.

Project Details

  • Class: Facilitation Methods
  • Instructor: Sari Gluckin | Susan Stirling
  • Project Partner: Tot-Friendly Homes