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Healthcare Proposal on Primary Care at Home

By Natthaporn Naktnasukanjn

May 10, 2024

Introducing quality primary care at home to address social-determinant-of-health barriers to care within UCM’s service areas

Primary care is the foundation of the U.S. healthcare system. However, there’s a lack of access to this care for vulnerable populations in Chicago, namely within University of Chicago Medicine service areas in the neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Kenwood. This lack of access is driven by social, economic, and other social-determinant-of-health barriers that people face in achieving health. As part of continued efforts to expand and deliver quality primary care to patient’s homes, this research proposes a plan to a hypothetical client UChicago Medicine (UCM). By developing a primary care at home model, UCM aims to effectively reduce barriers and better serve the community.

View full proposal here.

Project Details

  • Class: Healthcare Delivery Impact
  • Instructor: Kim Erwin