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JoyBite Snack Stand

By Jie An | Elizabeth Graff | Ran Konaka

May 10, 2024

Making snack duty earth friendly

In collaboration with the Food for Climate League, this project seeks to transform snack purchasing behavior at youth sports events. Parents, who are responsible for providing game-day snacks, typically prioritize convenience and peer approval over health. Our challenge is to shift this focus from obligation to care. By launching a series of snack kiosks at youth sports venues, our solution offers bean-based snacks that are healthy, delicious, and planet-friendly. Leveraging behavioral design theory, we aim to nudge parents towards better choices in the presence of their children, promoting climate-smart, plant-based eating as the new standard.

Project Details

  • Class: Applied Behavioral Design
  • Instructor: Ruth Schmidt
  • Project Partner: Food for Climate League