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Ozempic Access for Patients in the Healthcare System

By Roger Hong | Amulya Kaipa | Akshay Pagar | Bhairavi Ruparel

May 10, 2024

Transitioning Ozempic distribution from diabetes management to weight loss management has raised concerns about its safety and ethical implications. The involvement of compound pharmacies in the distribution process poses a risk to the quality of the medication, which could endanger patient health. Additionally, Novo Nordisk’s control over pricing has limited access to Ozempic, especially for vulnerable groups. This project aims to examine the Ozempic distribution patterns, particularly through a systemic approach to the recent shift towards incorporating weight loss users. In this system map, we provide recommendations and interventions that prioritize patient safety, promote ethical distribution practices, and address pricing disparities in Ozempic utilization.

Note: This project consists of speculative work used for educational purposes only. This project is not affiliated with Ozempic.

Project Details

  • Class: Introduction to Systems Theory
  • Instructor: Weslynne Ashton