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Reimagining Team Dynamics in Remote Work

By Sai Allena | Han Wen (Vanessa) Chang | Grace Parks Hall | Michael Ho | Aabha Kale | Sanya Shah

May 10, 2024

Reimagining Team Dynamics in Remote Work

We started with the Find stage, where we collected data and desk research from different sources and primary data from over 35 participants. In the Analyze phase, this data was carefully examined to refine insights and reframe the problem statement to better understand remote work dynamics. The Strategize phase focused on developing a matrix to measure impact versus duration, exploring various mechanisms for addressing these dynamics, and emphasizing scalable frameworks.

Prototypes were created and iteratively tested in the Prototype and Test stages, with the final testing revealing that over 70% of participants were interested in the developed strategies, demonstrating their potential effectiveness. The holistic approach of frameworks that targets different stages of projects and includes multiple stakeholders earned us the 1st Place Winner Prize at Rotman Design Challenge 2024.

View the full project here.

Project Details

  • Class: Rotman Design Challenge 2024
  • Instructor: n/a
  • Project Partner: Workomics