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Revival of IIT UFarm

By Ruhi Dholakia | Hardik Makhija | Shirin Navgire | Ahmed Shaikh | Adelyn Soetyono | Piper Thaveesakvilai

May 10, 2024

Creating collaborative pathways with a vision alignment workshop

This project for Illinois Tech’s university farm aimed to rejuvenate a neglected farm space, transforming it into a hub for sustainable agriculture and community engagement. We orchestrated a multifaceted intervention beginning with detailed systems mapping and stakeholder interviews to diagnose the core issues. By facilitating a workshop for stakeholder alignment and devising a strategy for the farm’s future using asset-based community development approaches, the outcomes showed improved communication channels, a unified future vision, and recommendations for revitalizing the farm for Illinois Tech and the broader community. The farm is now poised to become a model of urban agricultural innovation and collaboration.

Project Details

  • Class: Methods of Community Development
  • Instructor: Maura Shea
  • Project Partner: Illinois Institute of Technology