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By Isaac Jang | Ruhi Dholakia | Rutuja Chavan | Shirin Navgire

May 10, 2024

2020 Report: 1. Ask, listen, learn graphic

Enhancing community and small business synergy through skill-based volunteering

“SyncUp” aims to fortify local small businesses by linking them with skilled community volunteers. This service system was designed to address the diverse challenges faced by small businesses, including financial strains, employment issues, and supply chain disruptions through a digital platform that facilitates skill-based volunteering. This initiative supports businesses and provides volunteers the opportunity to apply their professional skills, fostering stronger community ties and contributing to economic growth. The outcomes of the project include increased business longevity, job growth, and higher community engagement, evidenced by business performance metrics and volunteer participation rates.

Project Details

  • Class: Service Systems Workshop
  • Instructor: Mark Jones
  • Project Partner: Accenture Song