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The Space Elevator Explained

By Amina Awad | Lila Conlee | Nigencia James | Isaac Jang | Natthaporn Naktnasuknjn | Gayoung (Kate) Nam | Keval Parekh |William Rutter | Jiwon Shin | Tianrui Sun

May 10, 2024

A visual, interactive guide to explain the complexity of the Space Elevator

In this project, our class was tasked with developing visual prototypes to explain the concept of the Space Elevator. The Space Elevator is a highly complex concept, with non-intuitive operation, scale, and physical forces involved. Additionally, its potential benefits are not well-known, while risks are easily imagined. This poses a significant challenge for communicating with investors.

Through secondary and primary research, the team evaluated existing knowledge, perceived risks, and desired information across different groups like startup investors and engineers. Strategies for communicating engineering/infrastructure were explored, culminating in an interactive slide deck with cohesive visuals and language tailored to a tech-literate investor audience.

Project Details

  • Class: Communication Design Workshop
  • Instructor: Tomoko Ichikawa
  • Project Partner: U.S. Space Command