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Research Team, Methods, and Participants

Our Research

The research findings summarized in “Taking Responsibility in the Age of AI: Design Leads Organizations through Five Urgent Challenges” are based on qualitative interviews with the 29 design and business professionals listed below, along with their titles and organizations at the time of their interviews.*

We thank them for sharing their time and expertise.

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Interview Participants*

  • Lawrence Abrahamson Director, D-Ford Design Thinking and Culture, Ford
  • Katrina Alcorn General Manager, Design, IBM
  • Zena Barakat Executive Design Director, IDEO
  • Kevin Bethune Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Dreams · Design + Life
  • John Cain Principal, Sideriver Ventures, LLC & Adjunct Faculty, ID
  • Liz Danzico Design Leader, Microsoft
  • Nick De La Mare Managing Director, Accenture Song, Accenture
  • Megan Fath Chief Design Officer, Deloitte
  • Jenna Fizel Director, Software Design, IDEO
  • Donna Flynn Vice President, Global Talent, Steelcase
  • Maria Giudice Founder, Hot Studio; Executive Leadership coach; Author, Changemakers: How Leaders Can Change Design; and Coauthor, Rise of the DEP: Leadership by Design
  • Kai Haley Design Leader, VP of Design, Alto Pharmacy
  • Bill Hill Senior Director, Enterprise, xd – Risk Design, Capital One
  • Moneta Ho Kushner Director, Head of Consumer Design, WhatsApp
  • Grace Hwang Mixed Reality Design & UX Research, Microsoft
  • Chris Kasabach Executive Director, Watson
  • Shel Kimen Managing Co-Director, Design Thinking & Culture, Ford
  • Janaki Kumar Managing Director, Chief Design Officer, Commercial Banking, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Eva Meijia Executive Director, IDEO
  • Jenny Nieman President & CEO, Forward Space; Member of the Board of Advisors, ID
  • Joseph O’Sullivan Head of UX Research, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • John Payne Head of Design at Public Policy Lab and Associate Professor, ID
  • Iain Roberts Partner and Chief Operating Officer, IDEO
  • Gladys Rosa Experience Research and Strategy Leader, Meta
  • Shani Sandy Design Executive, IBM
  • William Seabrook Design Leader, IBM
  • Elizabeth Spenko Thought Leader, Mathison
  • Corwin Stone Vice President, Experience Design Strategy and Ops, Capital One
  • John Yesko Vice President, Experience Design, Nordstrom

Research Team

Students from the Institute of Design at Illinois Tech worked with ID faculty advisor Mark Jones in 2023 to conduct research and produce this report on the current state of design in business.

Faculty Research Lead

Graduate Research Team

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