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FitForm Bras is a World Changing Idea

May 15, 2024

Fast Company
Fast Company Honors Students' Generative AI Project

Fast Company has announced the honorees of its eighth annual World Changing Ideas Awards. This year’s awards showcase 50 winners, 127 finalists, and 172 honorable mentions.

FitForm Bras, created by Institute of Design students Joanna Veleris (MDes 2022) and Anahita Dasgupta (MDes 2023), is a finalist in the Students category. The project uses generative design to transform physical breast measurements and user preferences into highly accurate, supportive, digitally fabricated, and tailored bras.

I was struck this year by the global sweep of the honorees. It’s endlessly inspiring to see how the world is coming together to devise inventive solutions.
—Brendan Vaughan, Editor-in-Chief, Fast Company

FitForm Bras

Bra fit sketch

Bra fit sketch

Veleris and Dasgupta’s project aspires to bring inclusive bras to individuals underserved by current market conditions. By prioritizing personalization and precision, FitForm Bras uses generative design, precise individual data, and personal preferences to create individually tailored bras that can be manufactured to order without material waste. What sets FitForm Bras apart from other bra and fit-tech companies is its emphasis on the wearer’s preference and presentation goals. These bras not only match the anatomy of the wearer, but can allow the wearer to present themselves as symmetrical, to augment their own size, or even to preserve their asymmetry if they wish.

We approach today, and the future, with the belief that AI and other emerging technologies can be a force for good—and it's design's responsibility to ensure that. What Joanna and Anahita have created with FitForm Bras, and its potential impact, is one excellent example of what can be accomplished.
—Anijo Mathew, Dean, Institute of Design

FitForm Bras was created by ID students with ID assistant professor Zach Pino in his Spring 2022 Generative Design Workshop.

The work has generated great enthusiasm and sparked conversations on the importance of customization through generative AI in design.

The future of generative design is in projects like FitForm which aspire to serve and capture data about overlooked user needs and vulnerable populations.
—Zach Pino, Assistant Professor

A panel of Fast Company editors and reporters selected FitForm Bras from a pool of more than 1,300 entries from across the globe. It can be viewed alongside other honorees at Fast Company‘s website.

Learn more about FitForm Bras.