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What If Human-Centered Design Isn’t Enough?

March 1, 2023

Ruth Schmidt and Carlos Teixeira
Season 2: Episode 3 of With Intent Is Now Available

The third episode of our second season of With Intent asks ID Associate Professor of Behavioral Design Ruth Schmidt and Charles L. Owen Professor of Systems Design Carlos Teixeira, What If Human-Centered Design Isn’t Enough?

Only designing for humans can actually lead us down a dangerous path because we satisfy human needs at the expense of others—others being non-human elements like the planet. It can also mean that we're not thinking about systemic effects.
—Ruth Schmidt
With Intent Podcast

Ruth and Carlos discuss the capabilities and limits of human-centered design, the concept of humanity-centered design, and how the evolving role design plays in our organizations and corporations will shape our collective future.

The way that we're going to deal with large systems: we're going to depend on large organizations. Transformations are going to happen through those large organizations. Design is the field that's going to bring choices rather than just decisions to those organizations.
—Carlos Teixeira

Jarrett Fuller, host of Scratching the Surface, is the 2022–23 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design and hosts With Intent this season.

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