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ID Faculty Discuss Design’s Next Step in New Book

December 7, 2023

Book with the title: Where must design go next
At ID, We Go Way Beyond Design Thinking

In Where Must Design Go Next?, ID faculty delve into the latest thinking in design through conversations with designer, writer, educator, and Latham fellow Jarrett Fuller.

In this collaborative exploration, ID faculty members engage in six in-depth conversations, addressing contemporary design challenges and discussing how ID navigates them. The book challenges the notion of design elitism, emphasizing a new era of collaboration and openness. As we enter a still-in-progress fourth design era— ID’s “Era in Process” per its ID@85 exhibition—this publication celebrates the transformative power of design and acts as a blueprint for where design might go next.

Design is both a noun and a verb, a process and a product, an action and a result.
—Jarrett Fuller

Faculty contributors include Weslynne Ashton, Kim Erwin, Tomoko Ichikawa, Anijo Mathew, Matt Mayfield, John Payne, Zach Pino, Ruth Schmidt, Maura Shea, Carlos Teixeira, and Martin Thaler.

Book editor Jarrett Fuller is an assistant professor of graphic design at North Carolina State University and hosts the design podcast Scratching the Surface.

Where Must Design Go Next? was published December 1, 2023, by ORO Editions.