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Where Must Design Go Next?

March 22, 2023

Anijo Mathew
The Final Episode of With Intent Season 2 Is Now Available

In the final episode of our second season of With Intent, Jarrett Fuller asks ID Dean Anijo Mathew, Where Must Design Go Next?

So if I were to take a shot at defining this era, it is that we are now dealing with multi-generational change. We are dealing with things that will not just affect one generation, but multiple generations in the future. This is where design is playing a role, and this is where ID is moving, and I think this is the kind of thing that I feel that all design should be focused on in the future.
—Anijo Mathew
With Intent Podcast

Anijo discusses ID’s pioneering history and where it’s headed next—summarizing ID’s four eras, defining what he calls Design Plus, and contextualizing the three forces acting on design today and where they will lead us.

The role of the design school is going to change from helping designers create widgets for apps to helping them be part of the team that writes executive orders at the White House. That's the level of change that we are going to see in the next few years.
—Anijo Mathew

Jarrett Fuller, host of Scratching the Surface, is the 2022–23 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design and hosts With Intent this season.

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