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Building and Understanding Context

Building and Understanding Context

Introduces basic methods of secondary research, argumentation and innovation strategy.

Context is the lens through which we view design challenges. Without it, we risk developing solutions that are blind to the world they inhabit.
—Don Norman, Professor of Design Psychology

Objective & Outcomes

This course will expose students to basic secondary research methods and mindsets critical for their design process. Honing the tactical and critical thinking skills needed to identify, organize, interpret and share relevant information and develop greater understanding about an issue, students will practice drawing conclusions and building arguments to support these conclusions.

Students will conclude this course being able to argue a robust, convincing and immersive position on a given topic and present it in a written paper, a project board and a strategy presentation.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Introduction
  • Session 2: Building Arguments
  • Session 3: Research Planning: Research questions
  • Session 4: Literature Review: How to read & insights
  • Session 5: Conferences & Thought Leaders: Frameworks
  • Session 6: Facts/Data/Investor Calls/Patents: Review
  • Session 7: Project Board Gallery & Argument Paper
  • Session 8: Trends & Futures
  • Session 9: Drivers & Signals
  • Session 10: Futurecasting
  • Session 11: Backcasting
  • Session 12: Strategy Development
  • Session 13: Argument Development
  • Session 14: Final