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Teaming Methods

Teaming Methods

Learn and practice team engagement strategies that build a foundation of trust for more meaningful and productive collaboration.

I learned so much and felt like every week I applied something new to my team meetings, and real life too.
—Former Student

Objective & Outcomes

Most work we do these days is in teams. Yet we often find ourselves thrown together without a lot of guidance around ways to organize, collaborate and create successful outcomes. In this course, you will learn teaming methods and best practices by working on several teams. Through research and collaborative activities, teams will arrive at learnings that will inform their best practice playbooks.

At the conclusion of this course you will: 

  • Understand high performance team behaviors and how to leverage them
  • Form teams with a clear vision and purpose
  • Practice skills that enhance team collaboration: conflict resolution, meeting management, active listening and more
  • Use tools and frameworks that help teams navigate challenges

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Your Teaming Experience: Behaviors, mindsets & practices
  • Session 2: Team Formation: Goals, Roles & accountability
  • Session 3: What the Experts Say & Do: Energy, engagement & exploration
  • Session 4: Skills: Build safety, give feedback & manage conflict
  • Session 5: Productive Meeting Design: Theory & practice
  • Session 6: Teaming Tales: Guest speakers from different fields share their “lessons learned the hard way”
  • Session 7: Personal Reflections & Best Practice Playbooks