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Design Is Around You: Shifting Public Perspectives Through Urban Engagement

Cartoon man reading newspaper with problem-ridden headlines.

Helping Solutions Journalism Deliver on Its Promise

The Possibilities of Community and Connection in a Post-Climate Change World

Memiro cyanotype gingko image

Memiro Project Explores Uses for Self-Tracked Data

Water and droplets

Tackling Chicago’s Impending Water Shortage

Chicago tickets

Partnership with City Clerk’s Office Aims to Reform Fines and Fees

A New Model for Hybrid Life

Skyline and highway

What Your Semi-Autonomous Driving Experience Might Look Like

Greening the Electricity System

Anti-racist pop ups

ID Faculty and Students Coordinate Anti-racist Pop-ups in Chicago

Food items

Transforming Chicago’s Food Ecosystem for Everyone’s Benefit

Flag Calumet prototype on Illinois Tech Campus

Redeveloping Brownfields with Flag Calumet

Boxville market

51 Futures: A Community Project in Bronzeville

ID students meet with Anna Valencia

City of Chicago Enlists ID to Aid in Parking Ticket Reform

Windmills: Twenty questions about design behavior for sustainability

Want to build a sustainable future? Study designers, Nature Sustainability report says

Boxville rendering

Building Community, Box by Box

The Future of Brownfields

Made in Chicago