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December 3, 2003


InterPlay involves spectators in sport evaluation. Using a simple hand-held scoring device and expert feedback relayed over public monitors, InterPlay stimulates involvement, learning and an appreciation for the athletic skills required to compete.

InterPlay is a collaborative scoring system that quickly, conveniently and efficiently processes an audience’s judgments.
It leverages the collective knowledge of a group to improve the understanding of an individual.

Proposed User Experience

Enabling spectator participation where judging is a critical factor

In the time between viewing an event and official scoring, spectators transmit an initial score, view a composite spectator voting result, review expert commentation on freeze-frame images of the action, submit a final score, and compare the final spectator opinion with the official decision.

Final Results

Interplay SportScore subsystem presentation: interplay

Interplay SportScore subsystem report: interplay_sportscore



Glenn Steinberg
Jenny Fan
Yi Leng Lee
Elizabeth Akers
Ric Edinberg