WBEZ Radio Browser


In this hybrid research/project workshop, students explored the intersection of diagrams and data visualization, where data visualization is becoming a viable visible language and applied learnings to a client project.


This project explores on line opportunities for WBEZ—Chicago’s premiere public radio station—by creating visualizations that will allow their audiences to interact with their rich digital content in a more compelling and effective manner.

Final Results

The Broadcast Browser
A multi-modal view of the on-air listening experience that visualizes radio content across time

The WBEZ Explorer
A browser that engages, enables and affects users to sustain and strengthen WBEZ’s web presence.

Mobile listening experience that blends seamlessly into a user’s daily rhythm.

Tomoko Ichikawa
Lauren Braun
Helen Wills
Boris Geissler
Atsuko Mori
Theodore Pollari

Tomoko Ichikawa

Completion date: 01/12/2012