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Food Systems Action Lab Director Weslynne Ashton on Sustainability, Capitals, and Food Waste

February 12, 2023

How Food Waste Exemplifies the Systems Sustainability Problems We Face

In a recent interview with Illinois Tech Magazine, Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Sustainability Weslynne Ashton talks about our particular challenge with sustainability in the US, what is meant by the term “circular economy,” and how tackling food waste through the Food Systems Action Lab at ID can help move the needle on these issues.

Food waste is emblematic of the systems sustainability challenges that we have in the United States and the globe. At ID, we’re building our Food Systems Action Lab. We are developing design frameworks to better visualize current systems, identify key players and understand what they're doing, and facilitate interactions among diverse actors in order to create more sustainable and equitable food systems.
—Weslynne Ashton

Read the full 5-question interview at Illinois Tech Magazine.