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How Can Design Make the Biggest Impact?

March 15, 2023

John Payne and Weslynne Ashton
Season 2: Episode 5 of With Intent Is Now Available

In the fifth episode of our second season of With Intent, Jarrett Fuller asks ID Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Sustainability Weslynne Ashton and Associate Professor of Design for Technology and Society John Payne, How Can Design Make the Biggest Impact?

In the business world and in the government space, people often look around the world for ideas to select and decide on—as opposed to create. The mindset of the designer is that we are going to get together and create something.
—John Payne
With Intent Podcast

Weslynne and John discuss working in the private versus the public sector, systems design, service design, why design isn’t just problem solving, and where design is headed next.

We're in a yet unnamed era of design, that is more civic-engaged, that is thinking more about how do we tackle these bigger problems than developing a product or developing a service for particular client. We're going to see more and more people going throughout their careers between public and private sector.
—Weslynne Ashton

Jarrett Fuller, host of Scratching the Surface, is the 2022–23 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design and hosts With Intent this season.

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