Advanced design for the entire organization

Ready or not, your organization’s next chapter is about to unfold. The ID Academy is your source for advanced design in an accelerated world. Now organizations can tap the next-level thinking and pioneering practices of faculty at the Institute of Design (ID) to build an organizational strategy deeply connected to purpose. Through team-oriented courses, the ID Academy is where your organization will unlock opportunities, meet change head on, and face the future with a plan for success.

About the Institute of Design (ID)

At the Institute of Design, also known as ID, we look at the world in new ways to create the change we hope to see in it. Every day, we help students, communities, and corporations to see tipping points as turning points through the lens of design. It’s a method as much as a mentality for learners and leaders alike—one that observes the systems shaping our world to envision the new worlds we can build from them.

Here, you’ll discover what design makes possible. How it equips us to adapt with the speed, scale, and complexity of life. The way it allows us to anticipate change and the impact of our actions. And, most importantly, its ability to enable anyone to imagine—then create—a brighter future.

Now part of the Illinois Institute of Technology, ID was founded in Chicago by Bauhaus émigré László Moholy-Nagy in 1937. It has since pioneered human-centered design, systems design, and a methods-based approach to design. Today ID is also home to the only US design school devoted completely to graduate students—the first school to offer the PhD in design. Uniting science and rigor with creativity and rapid iteration, ID focuses on the systems that shape modern life, including cities, education, finance, food, healthcare, and technology, and building new worlds from them, together. Learn more about ID at id.iit.edu