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ABC Wildlife

July 1, 2010


ABC Wildlife was developed in the summer of 2010 as an independent project of three Institute of Design Masters students (and proud husbands and fathers) from South Korea, Venezuela and the United States, respectively. The project highlights the value of user-centered design and rapid prototyping methods.


ABC Wildlife is an iPad and iPhone app that helps preschoolers learn the alphabet, spelling, and word recognition. The app directs the word-learning experience with a simple and pleasing interface that shows carefully selected photos and YouTube videos of animals whose names start with a selected letter. It contains over 80 animals, hundreds of photos and videos, and was designed and tested to be touchpad-friendly for little fingers.

Proposed User Experience

ABC Wildlife is not a game, instead it’s an educational app where over 80 animals are listed alphabetically on a grid with HD images, fascinating fun facts and over 200 videos for your child to work through and engage. The app is so well put together that the designer’s 6 year old daughter is able to easily navigate through the app, scroll through the pictures and play the movies. ABC Wildlife offers “oooohs”, “aaaahs” and “urrghs” in equal quantity and offers hours of enjoyment to any young child who loves animals and offers the parent the knowledge that their child is being educated at the same time.



Junyoung Yang
Guillermo Krovblit
Jared Allen