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Accessing Insulin in the United States

By Hardik Makhija | Janhavi Singh | Mrinal Bhatia | Sanya Shah | Snehal Khatavkar

May 11, 2023

Actors contributing to exorbitant insulin costs in the US

The healthcare industry is often criticized for the difficulties people face in accessing healthcare services, with the blame often attributed to the government. However, the real problem lies with the middlemen who play a significant role in the drug supply chain, particularly in the case of insulin access and escalating medication prices in the United States.

While drug distributors are often referred to as middlemen, the actual culprits are Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). These intermediaries charge pharmaceutical companies a commission to promote their drugs in formularies and offer rebates to patients as a marketing strategy, resulting in higher drug prices for patients.

Therefore, it is crucial to acknowledge the role of PBMs in the healthcare supply chain and work towards transparency in their operations. Governments, healthcare providers, and patients must collaborate to ensure affordable access to necessary medications.

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  • Class: Systems and Systems Theory
  • Instructor: Cheryl Dahle