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B-CROP- Bystander CPR Performance Optimization Program

By Mayukhi Chacham

May 11, 2023

A pilot proposal improving bystander CPR performance

A pilot proposal improving bystander CPR performance

The B-CROP project is focused on improving bystander CPR performance in emergencies by piloting a community-based intervention. This initiative employs a human-centered design approach to identify high-risk neighborhoods and engage with families and community members to increase awareness about the importance of bystander CPR. The lack of bystander CPR behavior in certain areas and communities are addressed through tailored interventions to create a system-aware solution.

The success of this project relies on the collaboration and involvement of all stakeholders, including families, community members, and healthcare professionals. The project’s approach recognizes the importance of community engagement in promoting positive behavioral change. By identifying high-risk neighborhoods and engaging with the community to raise awareness and develop tailored interventions, the B-CROP project aims to increase bystander CPR performance in emergencies. Ultimately, this initiative will contribute to saving lives by ensuring that more individuals receive timely and effective CPR in emergency situations.

Project Details

  • Class: Healthcare Design Seminar
  • Instructor: Kim Erwin