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Back to Basics

By Ankita Kamble

May 11, 2023

Back to basics for Subway

Subway has garnered a significant share in the market of individuals seeking nutritional and swift meal options, while also incorporating cultural variety in their international locations. Although their primary focus remains on delivering fresh, made-to-order sandwiches across all locations, the standardized menu they use may not always capture the local essence and taste preferences.
In order to enhance their understanding of customer needs, Subway requires assistance in comprehending what food options resonate with them, and how they can tailor their existing sandwich offerings to a more diverse international audience. This communication piece is based on qualitative interviews conducted with a group of mothers highlighting their ongoing struggles in creating a wholesome food atmosphere. The objective of this communication is to aid Subway’s efforts in promoting healthy and varied local gastronomical options, in support of mothers seeking to build a positive nourishment culture.

Project Details

  • Class: Strategic Communication
  • Instructor: Ruth Schmidt