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Beyond Fuel: Food Linked to your Identity

By Mayukhi Chahcham

May 11, 2023

Exploring the connection between identity, food choices, and lifestyle changes

Our unique personal experiences shape our perceptions of the world, and our viewpoints evolve as we acquire new information and understand it in new ways. Our identities are anchored in our cultural and familial histories but are also shaped by our current circumstances. While Whole Foods consumers are often considered ‘eco-conscious’, there are also those who are adventurous in their food choices and cooking techniques, seeking out new combinations that shape their identities. These connections are influenced by early experiences, social factors, and collaborative and shared experiences. As a recommendation for Whole Foods, the poster suggests that the brand may find a new group of consumers interested in exploring new foods beyond the needs of daily consumption, by promoting the adventurous and experimental aspects of food discovery.

Project Details

  • Class: Strategic Communication
  • Instructor: Ruth Schmidt

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