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Buy Locally, Connect Locally

July 5, 2010


The objective of this class is to introduce concepts of Digital Media to Foundation students. Through three modules based on time, the class will enable students to engage with different digital media tools and artifacts. At the end of the class, students will be proficient in digital media and interaction design tools and methodology.


This concept shows how we can encourage people to foster local activities, support local economies as well as get rewarded through a mobile application and digital platform.


Many products and services are not manufactured locally or even in the same country, but so many small businesses that dedicate their time and energy in designing, crafting, building and making from furniture, food, clothes, coffee, banking, etc. locally and people are not aware of.

Proposed User Experience

This concept helps people connect directly digitally and physically. Putting our money back into the same community will ultimately stimulate cities and regions facing economic decline.

The app allows people to locate local stores that carry local products and services. People can also scan products that they find and add them to a growing database. In addition, people can compare prices, provide ratings and find where the products are made to help them make the most informed purchasing decision.

LCC Honorable Mention: Buy Locally, Connect Locally by Tuduyen Annie Nguyen



Tuduyen Annie Nguyen
Salvatore G. Cilella