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of desiGn


By Lila Conley | Luce James

  1. Behavioral design
  2. Data driven design
  3. Data visualization
  4. Designing futures
  5. Experience design
  6. Generative design
  7. Provocative design
  8. Bias
  9. Equity
  10. Human
  11. Queer design
  12. Social impact
  13. Technology

Mapping Gender

This research explores the concept of perceived gender in relation to time and social definition, specifically within Western communities and individuals. It investigates how these communities perceive, express, and explore their gender and sexuality as a separate but intersectional form of identity, within a state of euphoria or dysphoria. The study aims to examine various methods of ethical data collection, both qualitative and quantitative, to gain a deeper understanding of the experience of gender. Through this investigation, the research intends to inform the design field of gender-fluid and genderqueer approaches. The study focuses on gender as a personal experience and acknowledges its universality across the spectrum of human existence while recognizing the eurocentricity of the research.

Project Details

  • Class: Generative Design
  • Instructor: Zach Pino