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CPPS – Chronic Pain Prevention Study

By Palak Shah

May 11, 2023

Healthcare grant proposal for primary school teacher's chronic pain

Chronic pain is one of the most important issues in both medicine and public health. Low back pain (LBP) is the most prevalent musculoskeletal disorder among teachers. The current care models are more focused on reducing opioids instead of managing pain strategically across the system. In a fragmented care system, there is a dire need for prevention especially for a high-risk teacher.
This project seeks to develop a healthcare grant proposal that targets the prevention of chronic pain in primary school teachers, utilizing design to affect the delivery of care. The outcome of this research has identified that there are multiple, often imperceptible aspects that make up the intricate web of forces at play in our healthcare system and that it is essential to acknowledge this to create successful solutions. Consequently, the project seeks to implement a human-centered design and a system-aware approach to tackling this public health issue.

Project Details

  • Class: Healthcare Systems Design
  • Instructor: Kim Erwin