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Empowering families with the power of food

By Urvi Bidasaria

  1. Communication design
  2. Community driven design
  3. Nonprofit
  4. Social impact

Helping Feeding America - call for volunteers

In this project, I worked to help Feeding America in its mission to reduce food insecurity across the nation by calling volunteers and empowering families with the power of food. I proposed that Feeding America calls for volunteers by looking at food more than just nutrition for the body, but also for the mind and soul, and can bring people together from all walks of life.

By working on this project, I hope to spread awareness about the importance of food and its connective power in bringing people together. Through this reframed communication effort in reaching out to volunteers, I aim to create a community of people dedicated to making a difference in reducing food insecurity.

Project Details

  • Class: Strategic communication
  • Instructor: Ruth Schmidt
Empowering families with the power of food