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Good-to-Go EDBO

By Steven Hunsicker | Ruhi Dholakia | Youqi Wang "

May 11, 2023

Fig. 2. Systems dynamics maps are a key tool in the framework, enabling the visualization of variables governing the flow of different types of capital, feedback between variables and drivers and barriers in the system. Barriers are represented by variables that have a large number of inflow arrows as they require multiple types of resources from different variables. Drivers are represented by variables that have a larger number of outflow arrows as they exert greater influence on other variables in the system.

A digital project process guide

Good-to-Go EDBO is a comprehensive toolkit that empowers companies to develop digital products without established processes and procedures. It provides a step-by-step process map for the entire EDBO journey (Explore, Design, Build, Optimize), along with essential templates such as a design brief, checkpoint audit, user journey map, task list, and a product requirement document. This streamlines the team’s efforts and maximizes efficiency, accelerating digital product development and reducing uncertainties. By using Good-to-Go EDBO, businesses can achieve greater success in their endeavors.

Project Details

  • Class: Research to Implementation
  • Instructor: Amrita Kulkarni