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By Palak Shah | Gayoung Nam | Masaya Tezuka

May 11, 2023

Interface design to help incarcerated mothers bond with their little ones by creating opportunities for quality time together

Mothers behind bars face a devastating dual burden- besides enduring the incarceration by the government, they also have to suffer through the crippling emotional distress of separation from their kids. This results in the loss of essential parental support for the child, depriving them of crucial care and damaging the opportunity to establish a strong and meaningful bond with their parent.
The prime objective of this initiative is to utilize technology to aid incarcerated women in nurturing their young children and cater to their emotional needs. Hedwig, a tablet-based application, is uniquely crafted to enhance the bond between incarcerated mothers and their little ones by facilitating quality time together. By providing an intuitive interface design, it fosters emotional connectivity between mothers and children.

Project Details

  • Class: Interaction Design Workshop
  • Instructor: JoEllen, Jennifer
  • Project Partner: Rebel Health