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Ho’Aloha App

By Hardik Makhija | Flora Massah | Rutuja Chavan | Snehal Khatavkar | Symone Fogg

May 11, 2023

Ho'Aloha App

Connecting Hawaiian residents to the land's indigenous culture.

The Hawaiian term “Ho’Aloha” translates to “companion,” and this app aims to be just that for residents of Hawaii. Despite being rich in culture, agriculture, traditions, and architecture, Hawaii is experiencing a loss of its indigenous culture due to modernization and immigration. Native Hawaiians have a deep respect for their land and expect the same from non-natives, including tourists and immigrants. Educating people about their culture and practices is thus essential. The Ho’Aloha app provides two ways to practice and learn about Hawaiian culture. First, it helps users practice “Kilo,” which involves observing and meditating on one’s natural surroundings. Second, the app encourages users to rely on their observation skills and memorization rather than technology when navigating to a destination. Unlike other map apps, which rely on abstract navigation, Ho’Aloha guides users by asking them to take cues from their surroundings and use landmarks to navigate. In essence, Ho’Aloha is designed to help people become better companions to Hawaii by understanding and respecting its culture.

Project Details

  • Class: Communication Design Workshop
  • Instructor: Tomoko Ichikawa
  • Project Partner: University of Hawai'i, Communication Design Center
Ho'Aloha App