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Hospital at Home

By Alison Chiu, Diana Nguyen | Mayukhi Chacham | Jie An | Smrti Ganesan

  1. Communication design
  2. Community driven design
  3. Information design
  4. Experience design
  5. Service design
  6. Healthcare

Nurse helping a senior woman standing in the bedroom

Developing touch points to recruit hospital-at-home patients and caregivers

Our Fall 2022 Communication Design Workshop utilized previously generated research and service blueprint for the Hospital at Home program to develop a communication plan, generate multiple communication vehicle concepts, and prototype select pieces for evaluation and subsequent refinement or implementation. The project is a collaboration with the University of Chicago Medicine. We’ve conducted a site visit and facilitated several research points like the: co-design session, patient panels, and user testing feedback. Each round of feedback and testing provided opportunities for us to align our content with patient knowledge and expectations. The final prototypes span four critical points in the patient journey through the program: recruitment & enrollment, transition to home, ongoing patient care, and discharge from the program. Our EOYS submission includes prototypes from the first phase, where patients and caregivers are recruited, consented to, and enrolled in the program.

Project Details

  • Class: Communication Design Workshop
  • Instructor: Tomato Ichikawa
  • Client: University of Chicago Medicine (UCM)